Refresh Inc | The Team
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The Refresh team is built on a foundation of independence, innovation and fearlessness.

We are fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and have always played by our own rules.

Our team is dynamic and unconventional, but perfectly tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Refresh Saskatoon

Naqsh- Headshot

Naqsh Kochar

Naqsh is one of Saskatoon’s top marketing strategists. Being the founder and CEO at Refresh, Naqsh knows what it takes to build from the ground up both efficiently and tactically. With over 25 years of combined international business experience in corporate strategy, marketing and information technology, he is a true asset to every business, brand and industry he works with. Naqsh brings knowledge, passion and quality to his work at Refresh.

Trianna- Headshot

Trianna Palidwor

Trianna pushes the conventional boundaries of her work at Refresh to ensure every project is as inspiring as it is innovative. Trianna has a knack for envisioning the bigger picture, and empowering clients to revolutionize their organization is what she does best. Trianna brings vitality, precision and creativity to her work at Refresh.

Kathee – Headshot

Kathee Le

Kathee is a multi-talented individual who has an unsurpassed attention to detail. She has a keen sense of logistics and makes every client and project, a priority. She has great experience with process management and ensures that Refresh always remains on track. Kathee brings diligence, thoughtfulness and organization to her work at Refresh.

Sunjita- Headshot

Sunjita Kapoor

Sunjita uses her imaginative mind to paint a splash of creativity in all of her projects. She is committed to producing high-quality deliverables and uses her marketing and strategy background to do so. Sunjita’s ability to integrate a strong vision with efficiency and optimization makes her an essential member of the Refresh team. Sunjita brings energy, insightfulness and imagination to her work at Refresh.

Refresh Windsor


Melissa Nurse

Melissa is the Refresh Digital mastermind. Her purpose is to offer her clients the most premier of all digital services – with results always being the goal. With her vast experience in project management, Melissa not only gets the job done, but it is on time and meticulously crafted. Melissa brings drive, strength and liveliness to her work at Refresh.


Kate Desjarlais

Kate is a dynamic individual who has an innate ability to connect with clients to understand their goals and how to achieve them. She has a wealth of knowledge in design and her tenacity pushes her work to excellence. Kate brings ambition, excellence and a special ‘sparkle’ to her work at Refresh.